Artwork Guidelines

At Rad Print Co. we believe that what we wear expresses who we believe we are, and how we feel on any given day. We want to help bring as many of your designs to life through print and accommodate as many customers as we can - this includes individuals from all backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and genders. Rad Print Co. utilizes a clear and concise set of standards on what we do and do not print. See the list below for our dos and don'ts of custom apparel, and what we will and will not print:

âś… We will print:

  • Artwork and text that utilizes authorized images and content in which the rights are licensed or owned by the customer.
  • Artwork that uses appropriate images and text.
  • Artwork approved by the Rad Print Co. team.

đźš« We will NOT print:

  • Any artwork that is a violation of intellectual property rights
  • Any artwork that constitutes libel, fraud, or violates any other laws
  • Any artwork that encourages violence or abuse against groups or individuals
  • Any artwork that depicts graphic Violence, including self-harm topics
  • Any artwork that depicts hate speech, abusive or threatening, demeaning words or symbols
  • Words or images encouraging violence, hatred or harassment of any individual or group
  • Threaten or encourage harassment of public figures, their families, or depict them in a discriminatory manner
  • Feature explicit sexual content, nudity, or sexually suggestive images or text involving children
  • Any image or text encouraging abuse or cruelty towards animals
  • Promote or feature underage drug or alcohol use

🛑 Artwork rejection

Rad Print Co. reserves the right to refuse service, and reject any design we feel doesn't meet our Content Standards. If your design does get rejected, please feel free to reach out to us to see if there are adjustments that can be made to your design in order to meet our Content Standards at or by phone at 775-750-3798.